Xbox One problems: Dashboard tiles not loading

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Xbox One problems: Dashboard tiles not loading

One of the more obscure problems affecting several users (myself included) is that no dashboard tile images will load – this includes stuff from the games tab and the achievements.

It seems the root of the problem actually lies with the BT Homehub, all of us were using the Homehub 5 and by simply switching out to the Homehub 3 the dashboard tiles load!

Well, the fine fellas over at Xbox phone support have the solution and it’s so simple that you’ll kick yourselves.

The issue in fact lies with both BT Homehub 4 and 5. All you need do is open Internet Explorer on the Xbox One and one of the tabs should have a BT hub web page. Go ahead and open that page and follow the instructions before finally signing into your BT account. Once all signed in reboot the Xbox One and happy days problem solved.

Now, spread the good work and let’s all enjoy some next-gen gaming!

  • Ronald325

    What’s BT stand for?

    • theberrytastic

      British Telecom – it’s an IP in the UK

      • polysix

        *ISP not IP

    • nick

      [B]ritish [T]elecom

  • Slay

    Easy fix!

  • Jonathan Sutherland

    how do I open internet explorer on my xbox one, this is driving me up the wall, been trying to set this up for 2 hours 🙁

  • Rush

    I can’t even sign in or see my dashboard,I just got a blank screen can anyone help?

    • Brandon

      All you guys have to do is hold the power button in for 15 seconds and
      turn it back on and the problem is solved

  • William

    By reboot do you mean simply turn the xbox off and on because I really don’t want to reset everything so that I have no game data on it

    • theberrytastic


  • zombieali2000

    this didnt work for me :/ any help

  • tombo

    You are a legend thank you mate

  • Jim

    Thanks for the fix 🙂

  • Gary


  • Monty


    Great fix thanks! Anyone know if this might explain my netflix constantly saying “Connection Error” while playing content on the xbox one as well?

    • theberrytastic

      Possibly, what does your connection say in the network details? most people are on moderate! No idea on a fix though 🙁

  • bibbletov

    Really useful, thanks very much

  • Waystin

    How are you suppose to open internet explorer when nothin will load though? I can’t do anything from the home screen.

  • Waystin

    Nevermind. Ended up fixing it by Holding power button for 15 seconds (it was on when i started) pulling power cord out the back and repulsing in, and turning xbox back on.

  • chris9465

    what the hell is this idiot talking about? WTF BT home hub?

    • dylan45637

      Wish someone would help us

  • Brandon

    All you guys have to do is hold the power button in for 15 seconds and turn it back on and the problem is solved don’t worry about BT Crap and all your stuff will still be there 🙂

  • Murriah Allen

    Not cool….

    Next time don’t use acronyms a normal person wouldn’t understand please.

  • Gaz

    Awesome! Thanx mate worked perfectly great fix

  • Damon

    Thank you soo much this really helped.

  • Katy

    Thanks so much! That had me foxed for a good few hours …works perfectly now.

  • dave71

    Thanks so much for this, why this is not more widely advertised is a mystery, we have been going around in circles for days, with tempers getting more frayed.
    No mention of this on xbox’s own site, for some reason.

  • Brian

    I don’t see a BT tab on the internet explorer. Someone help please

  • Graeme Wells

    You sir are a legend! I’ve been trying to fix this for ages and nothing is mentioned on the Xbox support – just says switch it off and on again. Cheers

  • Tommy Walkett

    my internet explorer keeps on telling me it can not connect to the website even though my laptops everything is fine ping is 13Ms someone help please i cant fix this without first fixing internet explorer

  • Mike Pople

    Thanks for the tip, it has been a frustrating 24hrs getting set up, wish I had found this yesterday!!

  • Sam Cockell

    If you don’t known what BT is I wouldn’t worry, this won’t be your problem. BT is an internet provider in the UK, the homehub is their Router. That one guy who is telling everyone to just turn their Xbox on and off, that may be fine for you but if the problem is BT like it was for me you’re not really helping anyone.

  • steve burrows

    Thanks for this, got an xbox one for my son yesterday, and couldnt see the images for demo games. Finally got it fixed today, thanks to this thread

  • james

    thanks for the fix been at this for 2 day’s sent a console bck to microsoft thinking it had a software fault lol have posted this thread on other forums m8 to help out other players. Thanks again.

  • Alex

    Further to original post open Microsoft Edge which is on newer Xboxs and press the menu button and click on Show address bar.Then enter and follow instructions.,I have a BT Homehub 5.You can now access the internet and the missing tiles are now there

  • TotoMimo

    Nice one. It’s infuriating that BT have a mandatory “welcome to BT internet” page that must be bypassed, and I can’t believe I never thought to open up the Edge browser. Kudos and thanks!

  • Everything Cool


  • Busky42 .

    epic dude that fix still works. f*****g BT wat a load of tw@s