We missed reporting the first 4 days of Gearsmas, but don’t worry, we still have you covered with the remaining week of Gears of War 3 festivities that we have left. The 12 Days of Gearsmas is Epic’s way of bringing some festive cheer to an otherwise dark and brutal game of Gears of War 3. This was similarly done last Christmas, but with the remaining DLC out for GoW3, Epic can bring a lot more to the table this time. Here are the two schedules for the 12 Days, taken from Epic’s post regarding the event;

  • Day 1- Fortifications for Free (First upgrade is free)
  • Day 2- No Team Love
  • Day 3- Much Bigger Heads
  • Day 4- 4 Squawking Birds
  • Day 5- Beasts on the cheap
  • Day 6- 6 Boomers Flaming
  • Day 7- Gibbing Comets Ringing
  • Day8- Experience for Milking
  • Day 9- Locust Ladies Dancing
  • Day 10- 10 Lambent Leaping
  • Day 11- Snowman Heads a Popping
  • Day 12- Mortars Incoming

Versus mode schedule

  • Day 1- Brothers to the End on all maps playlist
  • Day 2-4- Hardcore Weekend – No rifles, gnasher/pistol only, map pickups limited to boomshot, digger, torque bow, sniper rifle. There will be NO infinite ammo mutator this time.
  • Day 5- Can You Dig it?
  • Day 6- Torque Bow Tag
  • Day 7 and 8- Boom Snipes
  • Day 9 and 10- This Is My Rifle
  • Day 11- Thanksgibbing
  • Day 12 One Shot One Kill

Day 5 will begin later on today (17th December) so there’s still time to catch the Hardcore Weekend if you pop on Gears 3 now.