You may remember that late last year an unannounced Star Wars XBLA title popped up online, to then almost immediately disappear. Well today it has popped up once more and this time with a couple of gameplay trailers.

It seems that Star Wars: First Assault is a downloadable multiplayer shooter that looks to support up to 16 players. originally lined up for release later this year, First Assault would have seen an eight-person team of Rebels against an eight-person team of Imperial Stormtroopers in iconic Star Wars locations like Tattooine and Bespin.

According to Kotaku who have a source familiar with the project, they believe that Star Wars: First Assault is potentially ‘step zero’ towards the Holy Grail of Star Wars games finally getting a sequel, yes that’s right, Star Wars Battlefront III. If First Assault ever gets released and does indeed sell well enough, then the gates should open to the promised land.

However, if any of this will happen it’s all up in the air, considering even heavy hitters like Star Wars 1313 are buried under speculation, since Disney bought LucasArts and potentially shelved all current production.

So we may be waiting some time before we hear anything concrete, until then check out the trailers below and dream of what might have been. Feel free to air your complaints to the Star Wars gods in our comments!