Ready for some more Gear Talk? Baird is on hand to answer your questions

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Ready for some more Gear Talk? Baird is on hand to answer your questions

A few days ago Epic games gave us all a little gift. Yes, Gears fans around the world had a little one-on-one time with Augustus “The Cole Train” Cole. Nope, no fighting (who’d want to try) just a friendly Q&A with his alter ego by day Lester Speight.

Well for those that missed out, and for the rest of us fans as well, tonight Damon Baird or Fred Tatasciore if you’d prefer, will be live on Gear Talk answering all your burning questions.

As the saying goes “Questions will be asked, guts will be spilled” it’s a fairly new saying I’ll admit, but it’s going to catch on, so if you’re interested check out this link later tonight at 8pm.

If you’re still not sold, let Baird convince you in ways I’m sure I can’t…

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  • Shalvar

    FYI the early access demo codes were sent out today and even though it says access isn't until Saturday it works now!!

    • Rich

      yeah, I noticed that – shame it's only one map and wow are some teams useless ha ha. Had a quick go today – scored loads of medals and came top of the scoreboard. The way they are flaunting OverRun I'm worried this is the only good thing about Judgment!

      Well we will soon see, Dave's review does up tomorrow!