Kim Swift, the creator of Portal, as well as producer on the Left 4 Dead series, wrote a rather optimistic though realistic blog regarding misogyny in the gaming industry, saying that if female gamers are active enough, misogyny could be a much lesser problem within 20 years.

She admits that expecting change any sooner may be unrealistic as adults tend to cling to their scumbag views very tightly (my words) and will refuse to let go.

Kids however are impressionable and full of those innocent hopes and dreams that may one day turn into reality.

She hopes that by making herself more visible to the public, she can encourage other young girls to take an interest in games.

I was one of those kids that dreamed of making video games one day. When I looked at the gaming landscape and browsed through Nintendo Power, I didn’t see a person with two X chromosomes that I could point and go ‘Yes, if she did it, so can I!’

She encourages female gamers to make themselves visible, let their presence be known and not be dissuaded when the inevitable scumbags arrive. Though she does admit the difficulty in this as the briefest mention of female rights in gaming can bring out the Trolls:

I am ashamed to admit that I am scared of sharing everything; I’m scared of sharing the worst of it. I am fearful of delving below the surface. Talking about this subject in public is terrifying because frankly you never know when retribution is going to rear its ugly head and what sort of consequences will come about because of your words. To tell all, in many ways, either means having nothing to lose, anonymity or extreme bravery, none of which I possess.