Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week’s offerings include 7 hits in the making. Let’s spin them up a little shall we?

Aqua Kitty – Tikipod

Everyone knows cats hate water, so what’s this foolish feline doing anywhere near the water? Desperate times call for desperate measures and for this kitty, the milk just ran dry. Deep in the ocean, full fat milky goodness seems to be forming naturally. Enter our furry hero, all decked out in his sub to blast the mechanical sea creatures and defend the kittens who are embarking on a milk extraction mission. This is looking great, a proper retro shooter in the X-Out mould, with a bit of Fire & Ice thrown in. 240 MS Points

Toxic trash – Robot Socks

This is another retro-looking game. It’s a puzzler that requires quick thinking. Utilise recycle power-ups and combos to boost your score but look out for the toxic trash that will make the timer go into overdrive. Two mode, three difficulties and 21 levels to conquer. 80 MS Points

Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 – Zeboyd Games

The last of the Rain-Slick series hits the marketplace and it looks great. More retro role-playing and adventuring. The world has been destroyed but don’t let that stop you. Explore this huge, sumptuous world and fight off the strange and bizarre with your own team of monsters. Watch the trailer here. Great stuff. 400 MS Points

Fanny Granny’s Great Escape – jksgames

Well, this looks, different. Blazing arcade madness is the tagline. I’m just hoping that Granny isn’t into lighting them. This racer casts you in the role of Granny, in her mobility scooter, zooming down the track in an arcade racer that will have you parping for glory. Collect food to build up your, erm, boost, and then ‘let rip’ to blast your way to the next checkpoint. All good clean fun, but no handbrake turns, you wouldn’t want to be leaving skidmarks. 80 MS Points

AppPack 3 – RicolaVG

Next up we have AppPack 3, which RicolaVG have suggested is going to be the final app pack they will release. This has four games, StarWings 3, Mini-RPG, Gravity Dash 3 and Arrowstorm II Remix, and four apps including Indiemon Earth Nation Guidebook, BMI calculator, Pick and an app mysteriously titled RicolaVG. There isn’t much in the way of screenshots for the games, but the one shown looks pretty basic. 80 MS Points

Mystic Cards – Aztecgames

Use your wits to defeat you opponent in this on and offline multi-player card game. Take on up to 3 opponents and get rid of your cards first. 240 MS Points

Flyby – ZeroLRS

We end this week’s delights with another retro shooter. I love a retro shooter, I do, and this looks polished, if a little too clean. The object of the game is simple. Fly across space and blast you enemies into little bits in your shiny space craft. Endless waves of enemies to take aim at and the opportunity to set the highest score. 80 MS Points
That rounds off another week in Indie-land. Are any of you lovely people looking to invest in any of these? I’d recommend On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4, and Aqua Kitty looks great fun. Until next time.