Gearbox and Sega have had a lawsuit filed against them reporting that they willfully misrepresented Aliens: Colonial Marines during advertising and manipulated fans into buying an inferior product.

The lawsuit, picked up by Polygon, is being filed by Edelson LLC on behalf of the plaintiff Damion Perrine, citing that they deliberately lied about the game during trailers and demos, showing the AI and graphics to be better than they are and even having entire levels missing, saying that it breaks certain civil and business laws in California. Not allowing critics to review the game until after it was released was also seem as an attempt to manipulate gamers further.

As further proof of their case,  they also state certain actions by Gearbox and Sega proves their guilt, such as adding disclaimers to trailers saying that it is not indicative of the final product and Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox, admitting over a tweet that some criticisms were “fair”.

This sounds similar to the action taken against EA and Bioware over the Mass Effect 3 ending. With the game’s director Casey Hudson promising a much more open and diverse ending than was eventually released. That action was eventually dropped.

Was there an attempt to manipulate players? If so does that justify this action? Sound off below.