Ducktales, the NES classic made by Capcom is set for an XBLA release this summer, with no concrete date announced yet. We do know that it’s being developed by WayForward Technologies, best known nowadays as the company behind the recent Double Dragon Neon.

The announcement trailer is ridiculously charming. It includes quotes from gaming vets as well as a sing-a-long to the theme song itself. See for yourself.

I haven’t played the original so I can’t confirm that it is a direct remake or re-imagining, although the gameplay does look the same, from opening chests by jumping on them to knocking things out the way with your cane. There is, however, no Moon in sight, which fans will remember for the simple reason that it maybe contains the best piece of video game music ever created. Lets hope it makes it!

Who’s keen? I’m keen!