Doritos Crash Course, the free game that launched over 2 years ago is today being treated to some long overdue downloadable content, in my opinion. The game, which is an avatar friendly take on the much-loved “Total Wipeout” style of obstacle course features 4 players online multiplayer, as well as originally 200 gamerscore.

With today’s launch of the City Lights DLC, 20 new courses are now available split between two new environments, London and Vegas. New achievements are also available, although it has been reported that there has been some problems with reporting them to people’s Xbox profiles. On top of this new leaderboards are available as well as two new avatar awards to unlock.

This DLC also includes easier alternate Japan levels so that players who struggled with perfect running them may now be able to do so. All of this is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 160 Microsoft Points. You can check out PlayXBLA’s article from last month here, or visit the Xbox Live Marketplace to download the DLC pack here.