Buy Star Trek and see Star Trek: Into Darkness for free!

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Buy Star Trek and see Star Trek: Into Darkness for free!

Namco Bandai have put a lot of thought into their game adaptation of the brand new Star Trek movie, paying close attention to co-op and making sure the action is as true to the series as possible, appealing to fans and Trekkies along the way.

In a deal with GAME and Cineworld cinemas, it seems that they want to appease loyal Trekkies a bit more by offering free (yes FREE) cinema tickets to Star Trek: Into Darkness with every pre-order or day one purchase of the third person shooter developed by Digital Extremes.

A small company called “Hollywood Movie Money” have worked with Namco to grant everyone who buys the game on day one, a unique code that can be redeemed instantly for a ticket to be used at any Cineworld in the UK. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a VIP trip to the red carpet, with five-star accommodation on the night of the Star Trek: Into Darkness premier. Yes, for once us lucky Brits are getting some special treatment.

What do you think? A nice treat or a horrible ploy to bribe gamers into buying what could be another movie to game flop?

Let us know in the comments below! Live long and…well you know the rest

Star Trek: The Video Game is out on April 26th which is just slightly ahead of the theatrical release of Star Trek: Into Darkness on May 17th.


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  • Shalvar

    I love Star trek, and have already started getting a group of mates together to get numbers for when the pre-booking is available as we will be going to see it in Odeon IMAX 3D Gallery at around £20-25 a ticket!
    So the offer of a free ticket to a smaller cinema is appealing, however…..

    I saw the game at DSTL (Destination Star Trek London) last year at the booth they setup and enclosed away, they gave us the "Active" 3D glasses which have their own power source and are much better quality when it comes to the picture than your standard 3D glasses.
    The game itself did seem a little…. slow? and i would have to say the best way to describe the gameplay was "Blocky", as it did'nt feel smooth when they were running or moving, all the actions seemed to be very uneasy i would say.
    Yes it was just the demo and not the finished game, but going on that basis i wont be running out to buy it like i did for STO (i really didnt like the gameplay or style of that at all).