Bioshock: Infinite looks set to be one of the most beautiful and vast game worlds we’ve ever been immersed in. The floating city of Columbia, full of secrets mystery and evil. However, according to a recent interview with Gamespot, members of the game’s development team seem to think Columbia wasn’t always the desired local for this year’s installment in the Bioshock franchise.

Ken Levine, founder of Irrational Games, explained.

“When we started on BioShock Infinite, we realised that one of the reasons that people liked BioShock 1, was because it did take on some topics that other games hadn’t taken on, and I think they felt – especially for a big mass-market game – that it was respecting their intelligence. It was saying, ‘You know what? We think you’re interested in a broader range of things than you might be’, or at least we’re comfortable with putting it out there, crossing our fingers and hoping that you guys are going to come along for the ride. If you talk to people who played BioShock – if you ask people what they liked about it… it’s the sense of the world, and being in that place.”

The team wanted that feeling and unique sense back for Bioshock Infinite, but as Design Director Bill Gardner explained, once the team began talking, Rapture was the immediate starting point.

“That was the obviously place. You can’t have a BioShock game without Rapture. It’s just part of its DNA. The more we started to talk about what was going to happen, the sort of things you’d be doing, quests, the new settings – the more we were like, ‘Oh my god, if we’re bored with this, what is the gamer going to think? So we started to allow ourselves to talk about different settings, and the more we got into it, the more we realised it’s really about that feeling of discovering a new place. It was terrifying ti talk about getting rid of Rapture, but at the same time, it was liberating.”

Bioshock Infinite launches on 26th March worldwide.