That’s right. 8-bit gaming heaven is coming to Xbox Live and Capcom have finally revealed the features for the classic games that will be included. There will be fifteen individual games in a staggered release, which you have the option of buying separately or as packs.

From the 19th of February until early May, XBLA will feature some classic Capcom cabinets, starting with the first individual title, ‘Black Tiger’. Choose to purchase all 15 titles, separately or together, and you’ll get access to 2 bonus games absolutely free.

Downloading your first title will also install the Capcom Cabinet platform to launch the games from. This platform will allow you to access additional features via virtual DIP switches. It will also feature a music player and the ability to take and share screenshots and capture video.  In standard mode, this will allow you to adjust the numbers of lives and the difficulty. It will also include a Casual Mode that ramps the difficulty down, giving you more of a chance to complete the game and see the end credits.

Other features include 2 player online action for certain titles, global leaderboards and an infinite lives training mode to sharpen up your skills with. You can also select the International or Japanese versions of some of the titles. Looking at the screenshots that are on Xbox Live at the moment, I can see 1943 and Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins as well as Side Arms, Commando, Gun Smoke, Avengers, Legendary Wings, The Speed Rumbler, Black Tiger and many more.

No pricing information has been released, but seeing as they’re released next week, we don’t have long to wait, for what is essentially a Capcom branded MAME for the Xbox360. Brilliant.