Episode 1 saw Ratonhnhaké:ton’s world turn upside thanks to the return of his dead mother, King Washington on a power trip with a bit of help from the Apple of Eden and learning the ability of the wolf after getting trippy on tea tree. Things began to improve as he fought to stop Washington until he was knocked out, captured and imprisoned.

Episode 2 starts with Ratonhnhaké:ton (shall we just call him Connor?) in jail, but thanks to your recently acquired ability you’ll have broken out in no time. Within a few minutes you get to discover which ability will help you through the second episode.

Eagle flight allows you to fly up to rooftops and ledges with the click of the Y button. Whilst in mid-air you can chain together places to land and move quickly around Boston. A cool feature is the assassinations, holding the Y button will focus on a target and will send you soaring down to dispatch enemies in devastating style, you can then fly off again before anyone notices. It looks especially cool as you take out two targets at once. Those of you who have played Batman will find this very familiar.

You are quickly given the chance to test out your new abilities in a dark warehouse; there are plenty of beams to aim for and more than enough targets to take out. Once you have completed that area it’s off to explore Boston.

Thanks to the alternate reality spin the DLC relies upon, pretty much anything can happen (including being out run by Benjamin Franklin) but the missions continue to feel quite bland. Stealing a horse, nicking a uniform and playing Checkers, hardly the most exciting line up.

Once again you can spend much of your time searching for artefacts and thanks to eagle flight it’s at least much quicker to get around, so if you have time it’s worth exploring to see what you can find.

The story continues to be a bit of a slow burner and there isn’t much time for things to pick up. The production values are awesome and you would expect no less it was just a shame that missions continue to be so average. Things do improve with the final two missions and I’m still excited to see what the last chapter brings. The eagle flight combined with the wolf abilities are very cool and hopefully Ubisoft have something cool up their sleeves for the final ability and chapter, but only time will tell.

At 800 points per episode it’s still hard to justify me saying to get it, but if the third episode turns out to be great I may just change my mind.