In the second part of our COD series we’re going to tell you the 10 things we hate about COD.

Yearly release

A new game isn’t required every year. The amount of DLC released for Call of Duty would easily make the game last longer. Plus it’s a lot of money to spend every year, especially when you know there’s always going to be a new Call of Duty to buy.

Players with the sweats

I’m sure you’ve come across at least one of these players in every game. They’ll jump, drop, and dive just to get a kill on you.

Shark Jumping

COD 4 portrayed a fairly fresh, realistic approach to storytelling, which kept you hooked, although people only remember one thing; the nuke. It came as such a shock because we didn’t expect that kind of thing in what we believed would be a gun ho action game. But now, that’s pretty much all we get. The games are trying so hard to shock us with enormous spectacles that it comes off as a little desperate and bland. From dual wielding pistols to astronauts to jumping off mountains on a snowmobile. It’s all become a bit silly.

Price tag

Activision CEO Bobby Kotek has shown quite a lot of arrogance in the past regarding COD. This is evident by the fact that he jacked up the price of the series simply because he could. Are we even getting anything extra for that price tag? Is a COD game worth more than you would put to another game?

Bleeding a franchise

Speaking of Activision, they have a tendency to force their big titles to make release after release until the franchise is either dead or on life support (Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, Spider-Man). They’re showing restraint by only releasing one COD game a year and while there are still LOTS of people who buy it every year, there are some (myself included) who didn’t feel like paying extra for essentially the same thing every year.


Now call me old-fashioned, but aren’t snipers meant to be the elite of the elite when it comes to lining up that perfect shot at distance? Well surely Quickscoping is the ultimate sin in portraying one of the greatest support classes! There is no aiming, it’s a quick LT, RT pull at any distance including point-blank range – it’s infuriating and requires no finesse or skill, without any need to actually aim.

Objective k/d whores

Teamwork and objectives are some of the greatest modes in Call of Duty, so why must players join a match with only one aim – to get cheap kills by not going for the objectives and instead camping it out to get cheap shots on those that are trying to play properly. Here’s an idea, go and play deathmatch or are you that bad at COD that you need those cheap kills?

From the shadows

I’m all about the fair fight and people skulking in dark corners or head glitching into the environment are the worst things about COD. I like the varied landscapes but hate the people who abuse the nooks and crannies – you and me now on Quake or Doom, I’ll rip you a new one when you can’t hide in the shadows.

Too many children with potty mouths

It’s truly amazing, the amount of 11 year-old children on Xbox Live that seem to know a lot about my mother, most of them claim to be my father and the majority of them seem to enjoy swearing, just because they can. I don’t blame the kids for this, just the parents, why on earth let a child play an 18-rated title? If you’re going to allow your child to play online then I suggest parental settings to stop them and their potty mouths from abusing fellow gamers, either that or just stop reproducing, you’re not doing the world any favours.


Regardless of how well a game is made, glitchers are always going to glitch, but with a high-profile game like Call of Duty why are these glitches not stamped out quickly enough? Forums and video-sharing websites are riddled with examples of these glitches, the community are very much aware of them, however they take an age to get fixed, why? It is public knowledge that Xbox charge for title updates after the first one but with a cash-rich series like COD would it not be better to release smaller updates more frequently so gamers can enjoy the game more? Other companies do it so why can’t you?

What do you hate about COD? Let us know in the comments below.