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Videogame Visionaries

Like any other creative endeavour, games require a direction, a vision to drive them, be that something as simple as a plumber chasing a...

What We’re Playing (September 2011)

Dave Burns For many months I have listed Gears 3 as my most anticipated title and now it's here. For the last two weeks I...

Interview: Karen Traviss, Lead Writer on Gears of War 3

Earlier this month I got the chance to speak with Karen Traviss, lead writer on Gears of War 3 and author of five Gears...

No blood for Imulsion – Sera’s energy crisis and a history of war

NO BLOOD FOR IMULSION - a slogan seen on posters pasted onto seemingly every other wall across Tyrus, and the language of traitors. It...

The human side of Gears of War

We gamers appreciate the considerable benefits that playing games offer. It's not just the fun factor that can make all the difference, not even...

Brothers To The End – A look back at Delta Squad

Right from the first moments of Emergence Day at the beginning of the Gears Trilogy, we've been a spearhead within the Confederation of Gears...

Review: Gears of War 3

The Gears of War series is the Die Hard of gaming. There is a meaty chunk of McClane in Fenix as he angrily cajoles...

Gears of War: The evolution of multiplayer

Gears of War can be considered as a ‘Marmite’ game for most online gamers, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. There is...

The Weapons of the Coalition & the Locust Horde

Not since iD's Doom has gaming featured an arsenal of weaponry as fearsome or downright iconic as the boomsticks that Epic brought into play...

Countdown to Gears of War 3 – The End of a (S)era

Gears of War 3 is Microsoft's biggest release of the year and we're giving it the countdown it deserves.  Over the next 7 days...

Top 10: Leading Ladies

Scantily clad female characters are a dime a dozen in video gaming history - find out our top 10 here.

Top 10: Vehicles

Tom goes from A to B and looks at the top 10 vehicles in games.

Gears of War 2 22x XP event

That's right Gears fans a 22x XP event has been announced, dubbed the Rod Fergusson's Gears of Fitness. So how did they come to...

Top 10: Xbox 360 Special Editions

What's so special about special editions? Rich takes a look at his 10 favourites

Valentines Special – Top 5: Hunkiest guys on the Xbox 360

Here is our Top 5 hunkiest male characters on the 360 for our female fans.

Valentines Special – Top 5: Hottest babes on the Xbox 360

We look at the top 5 hottest babes on the 360; all in the name of Valentines of course.

GAME now selling DLC and Arcade games

GAME have just started retailing DLC and Arcade codes in-store on a 6 month trial basis.  This means that you will now be able...

What we’re playing – January 2011

Come and see what the team have been playing this month.

Gears of War Triple Pack Is a “US Regional Promotion” Only

The Gears of War triple pack we reported on yesterday is due to be available in the US only, says Microsoft. The company told VG247...

Gears of War Triple Pack

Gears of War goodness will be hitting US shelves on 15th February. Dubbed as a 'Triple pack' the contents includes 2 full games with...

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