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Editorial Team

Name: Dave Burns
Job Title: Editor-in-Chief
Bio: Dave created back in 2008, he now enjoys the day-to-day maintenance of the site. Dave also runs a successful Web & Graphics Design company & spends his spare time abusing people on XBL.
Odd Fact: Dave actually drank 40 cans of Red Bull & didn’t grow wings.

Name: Jamie Tarren
Job Title: Assistant Editor
Bio: Jamie joined Xboxer in October 2010. His favourite gaming genres are RPGs and pretty much any shooter.
Odd Fact: Apparently he likes to wear sunglasses inside to look cool and has never ran The Pit in under 30 seconds.

Name: Phil Kowalski
Job Title: Indie Editor
Bio: Phil joined the Xboxer team in May 2012. He enjoys first-person-shooters, rock music based games, RPGs and action-adventure games. Phil is also a massive Transformers fan.
Odd Fact: Phil completed Gremlin Graphic’s ‘Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 3’ on the Amiga and even sent off for the certificate to prove it.

Staff Writers


Name: Kevin  John Kennedy
Job Title: Staff Writer
Bio: Kevin enjoys a good RPG but could play most types of games. As long as it’s not sporty, which are fine as party games but Kevin can never get into them.
Odd Fact:
 People in England confuse his accent quite often. Despite being Scottish, people think he’s Irish, Canadian, Polish and even South African.

Name: Leigh Groocock
Job Title: Staff Writer
Bio: Leigh joined Xboxer in May 2012 and is the mastermind *ahem* behind the video content that Xboxer publishes on its YouTube and Twitch account. Leigh mostly plays first person shooters but is happy to play everything.
Odd Fact: Leigh was ranked #1 in the world on Call of Duty Black Ops for several weeks in.

Name: Karlos Morale
Job Title: Staff Writer
Bio: Acerbic in tone, Karlos is a dedicated multiformat complainer. He loves XCOM and weeps at the death of his squad members. Karlos often loses in online multiplayer due to excessive heavy rock music volume.
Odd Fact: Despite owning the special edition, Karlos has never played Gears of War 2.

Name: James Harris
Job Title: Features Writer
Bio: James joined Xboxer in October 2013. He mostly loves shooters, adventure games and platformers.
Odd Fact: It took James eight years, the Xbox 360’s life cycle, to complete Condemned: Criminal Origins, finally beating it on Hallowe’en.