If you’re aching for more content for XCOM: Enemy Unknown that you’ll probably be pleased to know that there are two pieces of single-player DLC coming to the game soon.

The first of these two new splendiferous pieces of content is the Slingshot Content Pack. These are Council missions in which players come into contact with a Triad operative, divert an alien ship from its course and fight the intergalactic nasties in the skies over China. So, that’s three new maps, a new playable squad character and new character customisation options. Unfortunately there are no release date or price details released yet.

The second piece of DLC is yet to be revealed.

2K also announced that the Elite Soldier Pack, previously only available for free to those who pre-ordered the game, is now available to buy for everyone else. For 400 MS Points you get a classic X-Com soldier, Soldier Deco packs and complete colour customisation.

If you haven’t bought the game yet, check out our review to see if it’s worth your notes.