Gamers everywhere are going crazy for the latest operating system from Windows, which promises to bring computing into the 21st century through its new apps in collaboration with the Xbox.

Windows 10 was officially unveiled in September 2014 and is set to be available for release later this year. What was unveiled even more recently, however, was the new operating system’s new Xbox app. On Wednesday 21stJanuary, Xbox boss Phil Spencer made an official announcement at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond to discuss the product in more detail.

It was announced that gaming on Windows 10 would be “more social and interactive,” with the Xbox app allowing players the view all the games they have played across their Xbox and PC devices, while also featuring a new friends list.


Aesthetically, the Xbox app will echo the familiar SmartGlass arrangement, allowing users to access messages, see their notifications, view Game DVR clips and track their achievements. Players will also be able to record game footage, akin to the same feature on the Xbox One, and share it with friends.

Social use may be the focus for the newest Xbox app, but with the wealth of apps out there, which can allow us to do everything from ordering pizza to watching television, could there be another avenue for today’s consoles to pursue?

One elephant in the room for today’s console makers is a type of gaming which has so far been restricted by legislation: online gambling. Indeed, with online platforms such as Xbox Live available, it seems the next logical step for console makers is to allow players to access sites which teach them the basics of popular games like keno.

But changes in laws from country to country and even state to state are making a seemingly harmless practice difficult, despite the potentially lucrative opportunities for both online gambling hosts at manufacturers and Microsoft alike.

That said, the new Windows 10 system certainly looks as if it is going to bring in yet more bucks for owner Bill Gates. In December, Microsoft’s chief operating officer said it was time to change the Windows business model by “monetising it differently.”

Of course, this inevitably means bigger profits for Microsoft, and with their catalogue of products from the Xbox app to the new Windows 10 operating system set for release, it’s doubtful they’ll be pursuing any other avenues any time soon.