There was once a time where if you wanted to play the most exciting and thrilling games, you would have to leave the comfort of your own home and venture to the nearest arcade. You’d then be engaging amongst other like-minded players, playing games like Street Fighter 2, Pac Man, Mario Kart or even Virtual Racer.

Now though, people prefer to play games in their own home, making these retro arcade games less popular in comparison to how raved about they used to be. Although many people still love them and would enjoy having one in their own home, they’ve become so muted due to the rise in new technology and the fact that it’s easier to play on consoles at home, or even on your phone whilst travelling.

Manufacturers understand this and so they are enticing people through their home hardware, meaning traditional arcade gaming is less desired.

It’s believed that mobile gaming apps will truly take over gaming by 2050, as seen in the following infographic by Liberty Games:

Arcades were part of an era where technology was just becoming interesting. The home gaming industry wasn’t as appealing due to arcade machines being seen as powerful and colourful. Arcades offered cutting-edge graphics, a great social experience, and a different way to play, for example with the use of driving games having steering wheels and foot pedals. But then consoles were created that also offered these features and slowly arcades became less popular. Yet although they have become less popular, the interest in arcades still remains and people seem to miss the social aspect of gaming.

Now though with the successful arrival of virtual reality technology and how popular it has quickly become, it appears virtual reality will also be the future concerning the gaming world. There are many kinks to VR like motion sickness, headaches, and the cost to VR products, but due to them being the leading names in the games industry and the fact that more and more people are investing in the technology seems to say a lot about it.

The VR and augmented reality industry is estimated to be worth $80 billion by just 2025 alone. The virtual world is finally becoming a reality and people are loving it!