It’s Friday, it’s Rock Band’s weekly DLC announcement day. What do we have this week? Well, this week we have a six-pack, that’s right, six, from rubber-mouthed rockers Aerosmith. Up first from what Harmonix is calling the Aerosmith Greatest Dimension Pack, is the original hit “Walk This Way” from 1975’s album, Toys in the Attic. Sadly this is not the Run DMC version. From the same album, “Sweet Emotion” is up next. Also included is “Back in the Saddle”, from 1976’s Rocks and a live version of the influentional ballad “Dream On”. Bringing the pack to a close is two of the band’s newest tracks, “Legendary Child” and “Lover Alot” which both feature on last year’s Another Dimension! release.

“Sweet Emotion” and “Dream On(Live)” will both have the optional Pro Guitar and Bass upgrade available for the usual 80 MS Points, with “Dream On(Live) also having support for keyboards.

  • Aerosmith’s Greatest Dimension! Pack
  • Aerosmith – Walk This Way
  • Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
  • Aerosmith – Back In the Saddle
  • Aerosmith – Dream On(Live)
  • Aerosmith – Legendary Child
  • Aerosmith – Lover Alot

The 6-track pack will cost 800 MS Points, with each track available separately for the usual 160 MS Points.

These are due to walk this way, onto the Xbox Marketplace on the 29th of January.