If you’re up for watching the best gamers in Europe and North America pit their skills against each other in an epic tournament then you’re in luck. Gfinity have announced that their first ever tournament, Gfinity London, will be taking place on the 13th and 14th of July.

There will actually be two tournaments taking place over the two days; with ’18 hand-picked elite teams’ battling it out on Call of Duty and League of Legends for a $110K prize pool. Unfortunately you can’t catch the tournament in person, as it’s a VIP invitational event only, but it will be streaming live on Twitch.tv along with two finals on the second day of the event.

10 teams will be taking on the Call of Duty tournament; including All Authority, Complexity and EnVyU in the group stages on the Saturday. This will be followed by an elimination knockout stage, and then the final which will see the winning team share a $55k prize pool.

Similarly the League of Legends tournament will feature 8 teams; including Team Dignitas UK, Anexis eSports and Curse Academy who will all be fighting over another $55k prize pool.

You can also sign up for the Gfinity weekend subscription package that will give you exclusive content, but the full tournament will be available for free on Twitch.tv. Check out the Gfinity website for more info.