Rayman Legends, originally a Wii U exclusive, is now also being released on the Xbox 360, but the game has also been delayed by 6 months to September.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Ubisoft PR specialist Sarah Irvin said “There are no issues with the game development… The only reason for the delay is to release on multiple platforms”

When asked why they’re concerned with releasing on multiple platforms at the same time when in the past they haven’t, Irving replied:

We’ve made special exception sometimes in the past but it’s definitely just on a case by case basis and not our standard practice. In this case, Ubisoft recently decided they wanted to release the game on multiple platforms so the decision was made to launch them all at the same time rather than separately.

I know it’s not an elaborate, ‘convincing’ answer, but it’s the simple truth.

It will be interesting to see the differences between the Xbox and Playstation version and the Wii U version, as the touch pad is supposed to be part of the gameplay.

Who’s excited to see the sequel to Rayman Origins come to the Xbox?