It goes without saying that Xbox is a fairly top-end gaming console capable of transporting any ardent player into a virtual and magical world, full of adventure, through a TV screen. A large number of online casino enthusiasts play their favourite casino games on Xbox (here’s some latest news on this popular gaming console). What more, some of these games offer comprehensive 3-D experiences to the gamers!

Several popular online casino platforms, including Vegas Palms Casino offer casino games that are compatible with Xbox. Let’s take you through the top 5 online casino games that are a must-play for any Xbox and gambling lover.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

This one’s a third-person online casino game that falls into the action genre. It enables players to create their own customised avatars. There are 10 levels in the game and the socialising aspect makes it all the more exciting! As many as 31 players can play it at the same time, in each session. On the whole, it provides a fairly comprehensive iGaming experience to all casino lovers.

Full House Poker

Full of entertainment, Full House Poker brings the popular casino card game to the indoor environment via Xbox console. You are offered a simulated poker experience, wherein you take your seat at a virtual poker table. You can buy the paid version for $ 9.99, and if you’re uncertain about paying upfront, you could first try the demo version and get familiarised with its feel. As in the case of Test Drive Unlimited 2, this one also allows you to create your personal avatar. It’s a fairly attractive 3-D poker game that’s packed with a good number of thrilling poker tournaments. The intense and competitive nature of the game makes Full House Poker just the right title for both rookies as well as the seasoned poker players.

High Rollers Casino

Another Xbox title that offers plenty of thrill to the players, High Rollers Casino recreates the actual casino environment for you to indulge in your favourite casino games. You get to play inside 3-D surroundings and get the freedom of customising your character before entering the casino. On offer are various tournaments and the chance to bag the reputed high roller title.

Pure Hold‘em

As evident from the name, this one is all about Texas Hold‘em poker. You progress through 6 different tables featuring 6 different difficulty levels. Each round demands greater poker skills, taking players through different stages and finally to the Ultimate Master’s table in the end. However, please know, you don’t just require good skills to reach the final level; you must also earn enough credits and constantly improve your player status along your journey. On a side note, do you know AI robots are getting the better of humans in poker games these days?!

Fable II Pub Games

A creation of the well-known casino games developer Lionhead Studios, Fable II Pub Games was launched in the year 2008 and has proven to be a great success ever since. You get 3 different pub games, each one providing plenty of cash winning opportunities. Experience points can be earned by winning gold pieces in the mini games. The excitement quotient goes a notch higher when you unlock different tournaments, and win various items by beating the computer-controlled opponents.