Speaking with Wired, Tim Schafer (Monkey Island, Brutal Legend) expressed distaste with how the industry is looking in regards to job cuts at the end of a project, stating the loyalty is the most important aspect of a game company.

He says that mistakes are an important part of the developing process as the mistakes are learned and the team comes together and is stronger because of it.

“Instead of being allowed to apply all those lessons to a better, more efficiently produced second game, they are scattered to the winds and all that wisdom is lost.”

Schafer cited personal experiences with the issue.

“After Psychonauts, we could have laid off half our team so that we’d have more money and time to sign Brütal Legend… But doing so would have meant breaking up a team that had just learned how to work well together. And what message would that have sent to our employees? It would say that we’re not loyal to them, and that we don’t care. Which would make them wonder ‘Why should we be loyal to this company?'”

“If you’re not loyal to your team you can get by for a while, but eventually you will need to rely on their loyalty to you and it just won’t be there.”

Some interesting words there by Mr Schafer.