CD Projekt RED have already worked hard to build a huge expansive world for The Witcher 3 that is both gruesome and believable but today they’ve announced that we can expect some pretty top-notch voice acting thanks to the addition of Charles Dance.

The British actor and screenwriter (Who is best known for roles in Alien 3 and most recently Game of Thrones) will voice Emperor Emhyr var Emreis in next year’s sequel to the infamous Witcher series.

“Charles Dance is the perfect candidate to play the mighty Nilfgaardian emperor in our upcoming title. It’s a dream come true for the team here at RED to be able to work with such an accomplished actor and magnetic personality,”

This may come to some as rather minor news, but if there’s anything that we’ve learnt in the past few years in the gaming world, it’s that talented voice actors can make or break a game, just look at the difference between Assassins Creed 3 with its often commented ‘passionless acting’ compared to that of Booker Dewitt in this years smash Bioshock Infinite.