Week one is over on our Nike+ Kinect Training regime. The week began with an initial assessment to see how flexible we were and whether we able to keep our balance on more than one occasion. This was swiftly followed by a fitness test which would then give you a score based on two different numbers. The first number was to do with our athleticism and the second number was to with fitness. Here our the results for the test.

Dave M

Fitness – 51 | Athleticism 57

Phil K

Fitness – 33 | Athleticism 53

Once the tests were completed you are given the option to choose one of three programmes; Get Fit, Get Strong or Get Toned. I went for get toned and Phil went for Get Fit. Nike+ then gives you an idea of what you will be working on as well as telling you what it thought you were good at and what needs improving. It’s then up to you to decide how often you’ll be working out, I went for two days as I knew I would be running through the week during the programmes, Phil chose three days.

I completed the first two programmes with no problems, they both lasted around half an hour and although some of it was quite tough it was good fun. I liked the way the programme broke things up by throwing in mini games such as Dodgeball. Kinect did a good job of picking up all of your movements and my trainer was always giving feedback based on what Kinect could see.

On the flip side Phil had problems getting his fitness results to save and sync across Nike+. Also voice recognition seemed to be hit miss, which became frustrating, but overall we’ve both found the software to pretty good so far. We were also set a weekly challenge by AceyBongos himself, which were hardcore hurdles. Certainly for me it was too hardcore for my floorboards so my score wasn’t too great!

So far, I’m pretty impressed with Nike+ Kinect, it’s hard work but it’s good fun too.

Keep an eye our on our progress via the #TeamAcey hashtag via Twitter and our weekly progress on here.