While everyone is off playing GTA V, spending their precious moments committing the craziest acts of violence and lunacy while sporting huge beards and nothing but Y fronts, spare a thought for some of the not so famous free roam adventures. Most of them have either gone onto some moderate success, such as the Saints Row series, while many have ended up relegated to bargain buckets and supermarket sales.

Sleeping dogs however manages to land somewhere in the centre, while it didn’t hit huge success, it was still a game very much worth your attention and thankfully it looks as if a sequel may be on the cards, with United Front Games announcing through their official website that they have actually been working on something within the same universe.

Hi everyone! We’ve been a bit tight-lipped about our current projects over here at UFG, but we’re finally able to give you a little something.

So, we’re making a new game! We can’t say a lot about it right now, but you might have read about a trademark registration for something called Triad Wars? Well, we’re super-excited that it’s another game based in the Sleeping Dogs universe, it’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages, and we’re very happy to be working with Square Enix again…

but that’s all we can give you for the time being – we’ll have more information about what the game’s going to be in 2014.
As always, we love to hear your thoughts and appreciate your shared interest in the games we make – although to reiterate, we really can’t share any more details until 2014 (despite your best efforts to get them, you sneaky people!)

Love, UFG”

While the team havent really revealed anything apart from the title and Square Enix being involved once more, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the Sleeping Dogs universe used in a completely different genre.

What do you think? Will we see perhaps an FPS or RTS game set in the crime bustling metropolis?