Gearbox has revealed the sixth character to join the line-up of Vault Hunters known as Krieg the Psycho class character, who wields a deadlybuzz axe.

Krieg will allow players to use enemy skills on a playable character. The new character will be available in May for 800 Microsoft Points.

We’ve also known for some time that Borderlands 2 will be getting a level cap increase and Gearbox has finally announced that the new level cap will be 61, like the original game.

Gearbox tweeted:

“Who’s excited for the Borderlands 2 level cap increase releasing April 2? We’re cranking it up by 11, adding a third playthrough and more!”

The Borderlands 2 level cap will cost 400 Microsoft Points. The update will also add an Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode for players at level 50 and above.

In regards to more Borderlands 2 news, Gearbox were teasing the fourth expansion at PAX East. Tiny Tina, that crazy child who enjoys blowing stuff up was playing a board game called ‘Bunkers & Badasses’, more than likely the title of the add-on. This will apparently be the biggest add-on for Borderlands 2 yet and it’s put down for a June release.