There is good news ahead my gaming friends, at least if this rumour is true anyway, although it does sound pretty solid.

That infamous and classic game known to every gamer out there, Flashback is set to grace us with its presence once more on the XBLA in the form of a HD remake. Perhaps the best news of all however is that Paul Cuisset, creator of Flashback, has been working on the title with his company Vector Cell.

Flashback: Origins, as its tentatively labelled, looks set to be more than just a re-release however, with all levels and character animations completely reworked from the ground up. Think Shadow Complex but made by the genres inventor and innovator.

Apparently set to be released sometime this year and published by Ubisoft, a HD release could be great news, especially for those who never quite had the chance to get their hands on the original but does the rumour hold water? who initially broke the news seem to think so!

Check out the screenshot below and let us know what you think.