Rocksmith seem to have taken an Easter break when it comes to releasing DLC, with nothing coming from Ubisoft for the last two weeks. Well, that’s all changed with the release of three brand new rock tracks from the naughty noughties (that’s the 2000’s for the rest of us).

They’ve released “Float On” by a relatively unknown group called Modest Mouse. The second track is the driving beats of Rise Against with their hit, “The Good Left Undone”. The final track released in this batch is the frankly excellent “Get Free” by The Vines.

All tracks cost 240 MS Points and will each include a new Authentic Tone, which is available in AMP mode.

  • Modest Mouse – Float On
  • Rise Against – The Good Left Undone
  • The Vines – Get Free

Rocksmith’s DLC catalogue is really coming along now, even if it is a little on the pricey side.

Here’s the trailer they’ve put together for this release, enjoy.