Rabcat is a company that not many gamers have heard about. They have seen their work, though – the Austrian company has contributed to a series of high-profile PC and console games, like PayDay 2, Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport, Test Drive Unlimited 2, and Kinect Star Wars, with handmade digital artwork like environments, vehicles, weapons, and characters. Their latest contribution to the world of video games includes character and vehicle skins built for Blizzard’s hit online multiplayer title Overwatch. Despite all these highly visible contributions to the world of gaming, few gamers have ever heard of Rabcat.

Rabcat Gambling

When it comes to online casino players, things are a bit different. Rabcat is well-known for all players at https://www.vegaspalmscasino.com/, and all other Microgaming partners. The Vegas Palms has several casino games built by the same Rabcat (only a different division) that has created so many amazing visuals for “proper” video games. Rabcat’s titles – Dragon’s Myth, Forsaken Kingdom, Scary Friends, and several others – are highly appreciated by players and critics alike. Truth to be told, few other games at the Vegas Palms have such beautiful 3D graphics and are built with Rabcat’s utter attention to detail. All things considered, Rabcat’s titles are among the most-played Vegas Palms titles, and their upcoming release, Castle Builder II, will be even better.

The Castle Builder Story

With Castle Builder, the game they released in 2014, Rabcat has tried to narrow the gap between social and online casino games. They did a great job at it, too – instead of focusing only on gathering as many coins and credits as possible, Castle Builder players had something else to be excited about. You guessed it: building castles. By spinning the game’s reels, players gather the materials needed to finish a construction project. Once the castle is complete, a princess moves in, and the contenders come. Players need to select one of them – hopefully the one giving out the biggest reward for their construction project.

The game was quite a success back in its time. Upon its release, it has become the most-played one across all Microgaming casinos and was nominated for the EGR “Game of the Year” award.

Castle Builder II

Presented at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming, Castle Builder II is set to be even better. The base game remains the same – players will need to build castles with the materials gathered in a slot machine game – but the surroundings will be much more complex. Players will have two initial avatars to choose from, with a third one that can be unlocked during the game. With each completed project, players will continue to gather experience points, progress, develop, and unlock features, benefits, and achievements. Castle Builder II will close the gap between social games and real money slot machines, bringing together the best of the two worlds.

Castle Builder II is set to be released for desktop and mobile devices in the second quarter of 2017.