Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still being made but production has been slowed because priority has been put into getting Rayman Legends finished.

Guillemot candidly states that Michel Ancel’s (Director of BG&E and Rayman) inspiring passion leads to him biting off more than he can chew:

“What’s very important is that Michel Ancel is kind of doing too many things at the same time,” he said. “He was working on Rayman Origins last year, and he’s working a lot on Rayman Legends this year. So, you know, when he does that, he kind of puts too much of his time on the other projects that he has.”

“It’s really a game that we’ve been working, we have worked on, and is a game that we want to do. But there are so many things that have to be done that, you know, this one is going to come in line at one point, but at the moment Michel is really on Rayman Legends.”

The last footage we saw from Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a leaked video of the game’s environments back in May.