Back in 1992, there was a game that caused quite the stir, designed for the Amiga but unfortunately only ever available as a demo due to a lack of publishing, Putty Squad received a lot of good press.

In 1994 it saw its day in the sun via a release on the popular Nintendo SNES, and it was quite simply a fantastic title, I remember sinking hours and hours into it (I missed a lot of dinner times and annoyed my parents because of my addiction). Since its heyday however, nothing more was heard of Putty Squad, yet it still remains one of the most sought after retro titles ever.

Well, today thankfully, System 3 have announced that the gaming world’s forgotten squishy, blue hero will be coming to the Xbox 360. Putty, returns to celebrate System 3’s 30th year anniversary, once again taking on an epic, stretchy quest to rescue his kidnapped friends in a fresh and re-imagined take on the platform genre.

Given a complete overhaul in graphics, along with some gameplay tweaks it’s looking good, but perhaps most interestingly, free DLC will be available after release (although no dates have been confirmed for the DLC just yet). In Putty Squad you can expect to find a large amount of puzzles and difficult enemies in the road ahead as you inflate, morph, stretch, lie flat and absorb – Putty is a rather unique hero and I’m sure you’ll all be addicted as soon as you sample his skills.

Mark Cale, CEO of System 3, is clearly excited to be getting to grips with such a retro title once more.

“Working on such a prestigious title again and to bring it up-to-date, brings back many great memories. Fans of the original are excited to get their hands on the return of the morphing blue blob hero, Putty Squad will be available on multiple platforms, where gamers can reconnect with their classic hero, discovering Putty unlike before.”

Putty Squad will be available this summer, with an exact date yet to be confirmed, but check out the trailer and let us know what you think!