April’s digital issue of EGM has spilled the beans on Prototype 2, with Radical Entertainment’s design director Matt Armstrong providing more details on their upcoming open-world action game.

Matt Armstrong told EGM how James Heller will be able to upgrade his abilities and weapons in Prototype 2, and as revealed at GDC, it has nothing to do with the Move Store.

Radical has not only decided to remove the Move Store in the sequel to its 2009 action game, but change the way the game’s lead earns mutations and abilities. Now players in Prototype 2 will upgrade their abilities through underground lairs and from enemies as well. One of the reasons the development team decided on the change, was due to a playthrough Matt Armstrong had after Prototype 1 shipped. He had just finished killing the first boss and 21 new abilities had been unlocked for him.

“My heart just sank. I just couldn’t believe we actually shipped with that. I cannot image there was a single player, even the most obsessive-compulsive player in the world, who would sit there and read through the descriptions for 21 different abilities and then figure out which one actually had the most value to them, let alone be able to apply it coherently within the game.”

These eerie underground lairs will contain a sort of collectible, and players will notice when a lair is nearby by the light leaking upwards from the ground. Heller can lift up the debris in the area exposing the lair, and jump down into it. Once inside, he can consume entities present to upgrade powers and abilities. The example used in EGM was the upgrade of Heller’s blades, which became more powerful, and larger. The change was reflected not only by stats but visually too.

Another upgrade described for the game was Heller’s sonar ability which will allow him to see through trenches, buildings, and facilities for human targets. This ability is needed to find the enemies, and will send a signal across the area and return with the location of the target. The action will also slow down to stop you from getting caught up in the hectic action.

Perks are gained through Black Net sets, and these mutations will have their own slots. Once a lair is completed, a mutation is earned and players can put it into an available slot. Similar to Call of Duty’s perk system, there will be a limited number of slots available to players, so you will have to choose carefully and wisely.

Prototype 2 reaps havoc on Xbox 360 during 2012.