Overkill Software has announced that the sequel to Payday: the Heist will be coming to XBLA this summer.

As 505 Games are on publishing duty, Payday 2 will be heading to Xbox 360 for the first time, featuring single-player and four player co-op.

You’ll have the choice of four criminal professions in the form of the Mastermind, the Enforcer, the Ghost and the Technician. There’s also an in-depth customisation tree for each, with weapons, mods, mask customisation options, upgrades and mission assets to play with.

Dynamic events are introduced to each heist to keep things fresh and to keep you on your toes, so you’ll never commit a bank robbery that’s the same. There’s even an AI director to make sure your heists are unpredictable.

Have you played the original Payday title? And what are you looking for from the sequel?