With Christmas just around the corner, are you stuck for what you can get your loved one? Well, here is surely the answer.

Real guitar game, Rocksmith, have just dropped four new song packs and a whole festival line-up of individual tracks to download, all just in time for Christmas.

This week Ubisoft have brought you:

  • Foo Fighters Pack – 960 MS Points
  • Foo Fighters – Best of You
  • Foo Fighter – My Hero
  • Foo Fighters – Times Like These
  • Foo Fighters – Walk
  • Foo Fighters – Wheels

Each track will include a new Authentic Tone, accessed in Amp Mode, with “Times Like These”, “Best of You” and “Wheels” also available separately for 240 MS Points each.

They have also released:

  • Megadeth Song Pack – 640 MS Points
  • Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction
  • Megadeth – Hanger 18
  • Megadeth- Public Enemy No.1

Again, each track will feature a new Authentic Tone accessed in Amp Mode.

The third pack available for your yuletide pleasure is from Judas Priest:

  • Judas Priest Song Pack – 640 MS Points
  • Judas Priest – Breaking The Law
  • Judas Priest – Living After Midnight
  • Judas Priest – Painkiller

Again, each track has a new Authentic Tone accessible in Amp Mode as well as “Painkiller” and “Breaking The Law” available separately for 240 MS Points each.

As if that wasn’t enough, those good people at Ubisoft have released a three-track “Holiday Song Pack” for free.

  • Rocksmith Holiday Song Pack – Free
  • “Carol Of The Bells”
  • “We Three Kings”
  • “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Now the sharp-eyed among you, who have been paying attention to Rocksmith’s DLC releases will have noticed that some of these songs are duplicated in other packs, which in my book is a bit of a con, but as if to balance this out Ubisoft have also released:

  • Pearl Jam – Black – 240 MS Points
  • The Black Keys – Tighten Up – 240 MS Points
  • Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida – 240 MS Points
  • Lamb Of God – Redneck – 240 MS Points

Yet again, each track comes with a new Authentic Tone, accessed in Amp Mode.

There, here’s hoping you’ve been good and Santa can bring some of this cheer your way.