Microsoft’s current purchase currency will be slowly phased out by the end of the year. Or at least that’s the word on the airwaves.

Inside Mobile Apps claims to have an inside source that has passed on news of the change. Apparently, mobile developers that are linked with Microsoft have been informed to prepare for the conversion to region local currency in their future DLC and in-app purchases. Xbox Live currently uses both methods of payment and consistent pricing wouldn’t be the worst idea.

The possible change will also affect the Zune Marketplace and Windows Phone products. And don’t worry if you have any spare points saved up, because these will of course be converted appropriately if and when the new payment method is introduced.

Alas, no points means no bargain deals and no easy Christmas presents, but it would also avoid conversion confusion and abolish the annoyance that comes with having to spend more than you really need to. So, which do you prefer?