Every console generation has its initial war and this time around the main battle ground is motion technology. With the Xbox One including a Kinect in every box, its forced the base cost up to a slightly higher price than that of its main rival, Playstation 4.

Senior Xbox director Albert Penello has taken time to defend this decision at this years PAX.

“when people get to use it, I think it will be really obvious why motion tech is included with every system. It’s easy to pick it apart when you haven’t experienced it”

Penello explained that he has an Xbox One at home and that interacting with the Kinect is one of the most impressive parts of the whole Xbox One experience.

Penello also went on to note that Microsoft will have an advantage over Sony who are instead selling their EyeToy camera as a separate piece of equipment.

 “Obviously I can’t speak to what Sony’s doing. I don’t know what their plans are with their camera. But I think they had this with Move; we had it with Kinect versus Nintendo with the Wii. When you bundle it, you get more innovation, you get better and more interesting types of experiences, so I do think that bundling it in every console, and the fact that technology is so much more advanced than what anybody else is doing; yeah, I do think it is an advantage.”

Penello also touched upon the original Kinect which he believes, like many gamers, that it failed to reach its full potential.

“When we launched the Kinect on Xbox 360, it came five years in on the platform; it was an accessory. And it did some really cool stuff. But I feel like it never reached its full potential, because developers have to decide: does my customer have it? Who’s going to have it? If I do this game, what percentage of users have it? And one of the things I think we’ve learned is that when you launch something as part of the console, it changes how it gets used.”

So what do you think? are you sold on Kinect or would you be happier for Microsoft to drop the Kinect and the Xbox One cost?