Even this close to release, Platinum Games are still working hard at tweaking the finer points of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, just for us lucky gamers. Well aren’t we special!

Platinum Games have confirmed that the final version of its deliciously brutal hack-n-slash, will in fact contain an “easy assist mode” which was a last-minute addition to help the game appeal to all audiences, not just the hardcore gamers among us.

This new mode wasn’t released with any of the demos Konami have given out so far, meaning if you had trouble with parrying (who didn’t, it’s rather difficult) then Konami have your back, as “easy assist” partially takes care of that side of things for you.

Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by Kotaku) were lucky enough to grab Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba and director Kenji Saitou, along with Kojima Production’s producer Yuuji Korekado who offered some last-minute insight into the game.

The easy-assist feature is simple to access requiring nothing more than for you to play on the game’s easy mode. Worried solely about players enjoyment of the over arcing story, Platinum decided that easy assist was the way to go for those who found some sections far too difficult and turned away from the game. At the same time however, there were some fears it might detract from the games nature of a good challenge.

“For us who helped develop the game, we were worried at first if having the Easy Assist would make for an enjoyable game. But when I actually played the game, I was surprised that even though it was easier, I could still experience the fun of the game properly.”

So what do you think? Tired of getting your limbs handed to you on a silver platter? Or are you one of the elite and can no longer stand people whining about it all being too hard? Please do let us know in the comments.