MCV have released some great information regarding what gamers have spent in 2012. Despite all the problems on the high street we’ve managed to spend 2.9bn.

The figures were calculated by combining last year’s data from a variety of leading market trackers and analysts, this took into account money spent on video games software, hardware and accessories in 2012, they also covered toys and merchandise, online and mobile estimates plus the classic core of boxed software, hardware and peripherals.

It’s interesting to see things like spending on online gaming has increased while sales of boxed software and consoles have dropped, of course with the likely release of a new Xbox before the end of the year that will shoot up at some point.

MCV have also provided an infographic that you can check out below giving you some more details.

What were your spending habits like? I know I’m too scared to look at how much I may have spent…

Thanks to MCV for allowing us to use their infographic, you can read their full story here