Publishers, Mastertronic, have announce today the imminent XBLA release of Pool Nation.

Scheduled for the 31st of October, this pool homage boasts photo-real graphics, real-world physics and 11 game modes including Killer and Speed Pool.

There will be online tournament modes and an offline career mode along with a veritable pocketful of unlockable extras including ball-sets, table decorations and cues, all set amongst twelve intricately detailed locations.

One of the featured modes is Endurance, where you have to pot against the clock, with each ball adding time to the countdown. How long will you last?

CherryPop Games are behind this, as their first outing, I have to say it looks amazing. The video below is the new launch trailer, and with balls that shiny and up to 1/100th speed replays, this looks to out-glare the other pool-games available.

Pool Nation will be available on XBLA on the 31st of October, priced at 800 MS Points.