Mario Marathon 2: Gaming for Charity

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Mario Marathon 2: Gaming for Charity


Now I am fully aware that  Mario Marathon is unrelated to Xbox 360, but these three guys need as much publicity as they can get and who are we to ignore their amazing efforts just because it’s not 360-related?

Mario Marathon is a charity event run by three gamers who are playing through all of the major Mario titles non-stop to raise money for Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to bringing video games, toys and movies to children’s hospitals worldwide.

As of now, they have raised over $26,000 and have been playing for an astonishing 82hrs.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to, check out the live webcam feed and DONATE!

  • Alan Ellis

    You do not break your journalistic integrity for nothing! If your site is 360 focused then that is what you stay as, good cause or not. You just wanted some cheap hits. For shame. 🙁

  • Susan Taylor

    Says the person replying with a link to their site. Pshaw I say.

    There’s no shame in assisting with the publicity these guys need. Without people speaking about this event they sure as shit wouldn’t have made it to $26k.

  • Alan Ellis

    The difference is that my site covers Nintendo and doesn’t break there integrity. If you are prepared to break it for this then why not a new Mario game? When do you stop?

    It is wrong that you posted it and I hope you know or or this site will go nowhere. People can happily spread this around and believe me they have since I have seen it all from the start due to modding the chat. The difference is that a dedicated to one console website should not cover it and you will not find any half decent 360 only site doing so.

    Oh btw, in case you were not aware, this site asks you for your website when you leave a comment. It’s bound to get filled in.

  • Dave Burns

    One word for you Alan: Charity.

    If its for charity and its gaming related then we don’t mind posting it up – its for charity.. deal with it.

  • Susan Taylor

    Clearly this guy has issues supporting this charity event.

  • Aaron Green

    Baring in mind that I’ve seen magazines like PC Gamer, Official Playstation Magazine and 360 Gamer all have short articles about charity events, major industry events and such unrelated to their key content material I think that any argument about “journalistic integrity” is somewhat redundant.

    The fact of the matter is this; these guys are doing a good thing, for a good cause and at the same time they’re giving gamers a good image in the public spotlight which is something we all need when a majority of the media is against us. So, what they’re doing affects the whole gaming community, be it PC, Xbox, Playstation, iPhone, DS or Wii users.

    We are supporting the good efforts of a couple of fellow gamers Alan and raising awareness, after all a gamer is more likely to support another gamer’s cause (no matter what console) than a non-gamer. Simple as that!