Logic and Emotion in Punting

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Logic and Emotion in Punting

It is a common error amongst punting enthusiasts that they allow their emotions to rule their head.

However if we wish to consistently make a profit from our betting, whether it is a game of poker at an online casino such as Leo Vegas casino, or backing a horse, emotion should play little part.

Emotion can negatively influence our daily profits in different ways:

The worst and most common weakness is to chase our losses. In a typical scenario we find that all our good work studying form and weighing up which horses have the best chance of winning come to nothing and only a few races remain for the day. Common sense tells us to give up and try again tomorrow but in the back of our minds a little voice urges us to try once more  our luck is bound to change.

Other emotions can also influence our bets  the horse we have a soft spot for  the horse that got us out of a hole and came home at big odds; the famous horse that everyone loves and can surely stage one last hurrah

Cold logic and hard work should be our sole guide when betting to win and our efforts should focus on past performance and other factors in relation to the race in question.
Punting Tips

Treat other peoples advice with caution and learn to trust your own judgement.

Following a few simple rules to find the winner in a race will make the difference between punting success and failure. Eliminate horses from your shortlist for the following reasons:

Has the horse ever won a race  if not eliminate it from calculations unless there is other compelling evidence e.g. support in the market or its pedigree suggests the race is suitable?

Is the distance suited to a horses past performance  a horse may be suited to a step up in distance if it has been staying on at shorter distances?

Is the horse suited to the track  has it won on only one type of track such as all weather, turf, dirt or over jumps. It is worth bearing in mind that some flat horses later in their careers take to jumps  usually starting a jumps career over hurdles. Also some horses only act on all weather surfaces of any type or only shine on a certain type of material. While some are capable performers on turf and all weather.

Is the horse in form i.e. has it been running well recently  horses are constantly running in and out of form. Some do well after a break while others need the run. There is a system that suggests horses running within 4 days of a win will likely win again.

Applying a little common sense to deciding on a bet will pay off and does not need any special knowledge or insider information.

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