We know that Lionhead is working on a Kinect game called Fable: The Journey – and possibly Fable 4 in 2013 – but have they also got an MMO up their sleeves? According to a job advert through Microsoft Careers Lionhead is looking for a programmer who has experience working with MMO’s.

Lionhead says “the ideal candidate is someone who enjoys playing MMO games and has significant experience with the workings of a massive online multiplayer environment” followed by a long list of essential and desirable experience in connection to MMO’s.

We don’t see a lot of MMO’s making it to the Xbox 360, with a lot of past projects ending up in the giant scrap yard of cancelled games in the sky, but the advert specifically mentions experience with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live is desirable. Of course that doesn’t mean an MMO is coming to the console, or even that Lionhead is 100% making one, but it’s an intriguing bit of information none the less.

Lionhead responded to a query from Eurogamer with the following cheeky statement.

“Thanks for checking in with us! We’re happy to tell you all about what we’re working on. Just apply, get hired, and we promise to spill our guts!”

We say it a lot, but watch this space.