Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week, we have a rather happy 7 new releases including the impressive One Finger Death Punch. Let’s karate chop through them all shall we?

Doomed Zombies – Ghere Game Studios

We kick off this week with a zombie shooter, hooray. The city is in distress and you are the only hope for peace. Oddly, to get this peace, you have to hunt some zombies and do war upon their unholy, undead persons. There are 25 floors to clear in this pretty much DOOM clone. Collect power-ups and multiple weapons in this single-player shooter. 80 MS Points

Sector 7-4-9er – Dragon Was Robot

In this action adventure, dig your way through the asteroids to find ancient technology, test yourself in increasingly dangerous areas, filled with strange and wonderful lifeforms. Your fortune is out there, can you find it in this very retro looking single-player game. 80 MS Points

One Finger Death Punch – Silver Dollar Games Inc._01

There aren’t many Indie games that have perked my interest so much that I was willing to part with cold, hard MS Points to play. This is looking like a fighter with a difference. You control a stickman that looks like he’s fallen off the male toilet door. Use your kung-fu skills to defeats waves of enemies. 80 MS Points

Vox Studios: Raid – Aron Davis

This is a curious one. It’s a multi-player action-adventure. It’s a side-scroller for up to four players with the idea being, stay alive.This is going to feature 2 game types, 6 difficulty levels and 2 multiplayer modes. It looks like you control some form of tiny cube, with entirely custom content the developer says Raid is designed toffee like a handcrafted game. 80 MS Points

Uncraft Me! – Team Shuriken Studio

Team Shuriken do seem to churn out a lot of games. A good percentage of those game feature little content and lots of scantily-clad ladies. This is sort of no exception. I say sort of as it would seem that sitting just in front of the scantily-clad lovely is a decent-looking action adventure platformer, in the crafting blocky style bandwagon that a lot of Indie developers are clutching on to. The task seems simple, save the Earth and it’s hot goddesses, from eternal cubification as Alex, the jet-pack dude. Obviously. 80 MS Points

Boss – Nocturnal Studio

There’s not a lot to say about this multi-player shooter as it doesn’t seem to have a lot to say for itself. It looks like a mob version of Plants Vs Zombies from the screenshots, you have a place to defend and the means to defend it from advancing waves of mobsters. 80 MS Points

Derp of Duty – Freelance Games

This action adventure is maybe what you think. You are ex-Special Forces, CIA, Assassin, Mall Security and an all-time ladies man. I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be doing as the story isn’t explained in the slightest and there appears to be an abundance of scantily-clad ladies in the screenshots. I get the distinct feeling that it’s more about the ladies than the gameplay. 80 MS Points
So that’s all for this week, you lovely people. Don’t forget, you can see my view of One Finger Death Punch, go on, take a peek, it’s worth it.