Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week, we have a very disappointing 3 new releases. Here a little look at them.

Slay Those Pixels – CrappyPixels

You can choose to play as a warrior or a wizard in this single player 2D platform action adventure. Slay enemies in 3 different worlds as you progress, level up, fight treasure and face challenging bosses. It looks basic, but then, some of the most addictive games in history haven’t been visual world-beaters. £1.99p

Warlock – Snowdon

Oooh, I knew a warlock once, true story. This warlock is a freescale action RPG in a randomly generated world. Learn 18 unique spells while developing your character’s strengths and stats, which have no limits. This is the first game developed by John Snowdon, a post-grad student. £1.99p

Absolute Defense – ipkerq32i

Absolute Defense is a two player tower defence game where you defend the towns from the ravenous zombies. They’re targeting the nearest towns first, so need all of your tactical know-how to defend all of the people from being eaten. If the villagers are eaten, the zombies grow in number and it’ll be harder to kill them all off. Once you have destroyed them all, you can move on to the next level. With an Infinite Mode and more than 30 standard levels, there should be more than enough here to keep you occupied for the measly 69p.

So, that would appear to be that for this week, I’m off to slightly alter the space-time continuum and arrange for some rather large investments to enable me to buy some sparkly new hardware. Toodle-pip.