Tucked away in a little corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. We’ve had a much better week this week, with 9 new releases heading to your brains. Here they are.

Jemboree – Final Boss Productions

A match the colours game in the classic style. Create your own matches and clear the board. All looking good in this single player puzzler with Time Attack and Zen modes. 80 MS Points

The Fantastic Fivesome – Baller Industries

Curiously, there are only 4 featured on the game’s cover picture. This bizarre role playing game has you being told to go on dates by your doctor. You then get to date some attractive digital ladies, voiced by some of the adult industries’ biggest stars. Seems legit. 80 MS Points

Giball – Msi/Gtr/Jms

A decent looking breakout/Arkanoid clone. Bring some nostalgia into your life with the usual power-ups, over 50 levels and 5 big bosses. Continue using a password system, so have a pen & paper handy. 80 MS Points

Infinite Doodle – Smudged Cat Games

A single player doodle pad, right on your Xbox. Zoom in and add detail, scribble, doodle and stamp in an infinite world of physics. 80 MS Points

Minotaur – Awesome Enterprises

Ancient bad guys always get the raw end of the deal. Well, redress the balance a little and play as the Minotaur. Wander around with your axe and chop anything that tries to hurt you into tiny little bits. Features co-op online and offline multiplayer. Travel the land with your family of Minotaur and unravel the mystery of the rocks, falling from the sky. 80 MS Points

Rad Raygun – TRU FUN Entertainment

Travel through ‘80s Soviet Russia, fighting communist robots in this monochrome shooter that looks like it’s been ported straight from a Gameboy. Shoot your way through 5 decade spanning levels in this single player platformer. 80 MS Points

Ascent of Kings – Nostatic Software

Another single player platformer, your task is to become King. The King is dead, you are the youngest of four princes, eager to prove yourself worthy to ascend the throne. 80 MS Points

Laser Fry – GGGamers

A bizarre action game that will have you using your lasers to zap the different coloured orbs. Basic graphics but what might just be addictive gameplay. Be careful not to zap yourself. 80 MS Points

Bingo – Utopioneer Games 2

What game has you marking off numbers on a game card as they are drawn randomly from a pot? Bingo! What more do I need to say? Up to four player, 10 card, ‘House’ calling fun. 80 MS Points


As ever, that’s your lot for this week. Do any of these catch your eye? Let us know if they do, below.