Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week, we have a very reputable 9 new releases in the Indie Marketplace. I’m here to serve a few up:

Atomic Blast – Fuzzy Duck Entertainment

First up, we have a family atom stacking game. This has up to 16 players adding atoms to molecules until they reach breaking point and explode, sending fragments into your friends molecules and converting what’s theirs into yours. Eliminate your friend’s atoms through strategy and massive chain reactions. Sort of like an anti-Jenga for the family. 80 MS Points

Make It Rain – 24kt_Studios

This is a first person stripper game, masquerading as a strategy and simulation game. Your aim is to make moolah. See if you can make $10,000 in one night. 80 MS Points

Jimmy Vs Zombies – CuchuGames

This is a zombie game with a little difference. Its cartoon-styling should have wide appeal. This one or two player shooter will have you defending your city with your very life. Team up with a friend or recruit a laser turret wielding wheelchair-bound granny to watch your back in this endless zombie shooter. 80 MS Points

Rasternauts -Mostly Fictional

Yikes! A rogue experiment has uncovered a new dimension of vector beings. Run, jump and shoot your way through more than 30 levels to save your friends. Valiantly hold back the vector invasion and save all of raster kind. 80 MS Points

Avatar Warfare -DigitalDNA Games LLC

This looks fun, take your avatar and load up. Run around the arena with up to 15 of your friends and paintball them into submission. Character customisation, online scoreboards and unlockable weapons. If you like COD, this might be the Indie game for you. 80 MS Points

Gateways -Smudged Cat Games

Go out and grab the powerful gateways gauntlet in this world-twisting 2D platformer. Power it up, upgrade it and use it to place gateways to allow you to travel instantly from one place to another. Pretty simple-looking, no frills platforming action. 240 MS Points

Bridge Physics -Wolfshine Games

Physics, it’s a royal pain in the rear especially when it comes to bridges. Use your knowledge of physics to build bridges across huge chasms and rivers. This looks like it might be a bridge building version of Lemmings. Bring out that inner engineer and defeat physics! Hurrah! 80 MS Points

Enigma Dungeons -Final Boss Productions

This looks like a manga-inspired Zelda dungeon clone. Help your dumb hero as he struggles to save princess by travelling through the many dungeons set up by the odd but evil witch, Malice. All very strange. 80 MS Points

Saturn 9 – Raoghard

A first person sci-fi horror set in space, where everyone in the room can hear you scream. Investigate a communications-dark spaceship in this first-person adventure. Solve puzzles and explore the ship and uncover the mystery of what happened to the crew. 80 MS Points


That’s all we have on the Indie scene this week. Look out next week for One Finger Death Punch, which is looking good.