Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. There have been a slightly more respectable 10 releases this week. Let’s run them through the Indie Games-a-lator thing.

S.D.G.T – K2-Games

Oooh, well, this looks like an interesting take on a strategic shooter for the singletons among you. Chaotically fire seven weapons while trying to decide what to upgrade with a clever tech-tree upgrade system. Groovy. 240 MS Points

Discovery+ – noowanda

Have you been playing your ‘generic block-based universe game’ and wanted to wander around it in a “Bloodwych” manner? Well, this looks just like you are imagining, right now. Create your own world and take a stroll through it. It’s fun to take a stroll. 80 MS Points

The Keep: Zombie Horde – Sick Kreation

Ah, order is restored in the universe. Here’s this week’s obligatory Zombie splatter game. People are fleeing the hordes of flesh-eating Zombies and you just happen to have a fully-armed keep to defend yourself. So, Zombies, fully armed fully automatic weapons. I’m sure you can figure it out. This puts you behind to gun, with your perspective aimed right down to sights. 80 MS Points

Zombie Compound – Smoodlez

You wait for one and two turn up at once. Another Zombie shooter, this time you’re in a compound full of zombies and you need to survive waves of the brain-eating creepies. Purchase and upgrade your weapons and character in-between the waves. This features local up to 4-player co-op for zombie-culling fun. 80 MS Points

War Rapier 43210 – varga

I wonder how long they spent creating the year in this game? The year is 43210 and you are a Lieutenant in the Space Musketeers of the Imperial Republic and you need to help repel the attacks of the Vetustians. This Role Playing Game will have you solving your unit’s problems to bring out the best of their abilities and unlock new skills. Looks curious, will entirely depend on playability and for 80 MSP it might be worth a pop. 240 MS Points

Larry’s Loot – Justin Sallo

Collect the money-bags in this stickman based multiplayer family game. Avoid the baddies and run around the randomly generated level with up to 3 of your friends. 80 MS Points

Totally Tanked – Meta

Grab your tank and trundle around the arena blasting your enemies, or friends. This also looks good, and should play well. Play against up to four of your friends or pit your skill against boss rounds or the endless enemy tank horde. Grab weapon power-ups to give you the edge. 80 MS Points

Hack This Game Collection – Utopioneer Games 2

Now these are interesting. Ever fancied yourself as a member of “Anonymous”? These fun 4 games compile the original “Hack This Game” titles under one release, with a set of 20 extra bonus challenges to keep you even more occupied. 240 MS Points

Planetary Shield – Axouxere Games

Defend the Earth from the meteorites! How Russia could have used this a few months ago. The meteors are falling and people want to get away. Defend the planet and provide cover for the fleeing cowards. You can go… the Earth will be ours. Pah. 80 MS Points

MPL Slots – Meet Play Live LLC

Oh dear, this looks quite bad. This features some slots from a popular slots website. Each slot has a mini-game and a theme. There is a cocktail slot, fish slot and rodeo slot with I can only describe as the campest rodeo rider I’ve ever seen. 80 MS Points

So, that’s all for this week. It’s an exciting collection of Indie wares, are you tempted by any of them?