Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week, we have no elderly retiring games, just 8 of your finest Indie titles, so let’s celebrate the successors, the pretenders to the Indie throne this week.

Exizency – Golconda

This looks a good place to start. Exizency is a single-player action adventure game that has you commanding the defence of the tallest tower of Orio City. Sky Zoni is under threat from militants with their paratroopers and helicopters. So, terrorists and a tower block, where’s John McClane when you need him? 80 MS Points

Avatars on the Edge – mancebo

Grab your avatar and go skateboarding. This looks like it’ll play like Tony Hawks, only with your own avatar. Play offline with a friend or online with up to three friends. Another in a series of avatar based games that are coming out at the moment. Beats the dodgy manga-semi-naked lady games I guess. Or does it? 80 MS Points

Naoki Tales – Msi\Gtr\Jms

Ah, a retro platformer, in the style of Mario Bros. or the Great Giana Sisters. The usual story is happening here, Naoki has been on holiday and while he’s been away an evil spirit has been at play. Platform games characters should be more protective of their loved ones, Naoki’s girlfriend has been kidnapped and it’s up to you to get through all 35 levels to get her back. I want Dizzy back on my gaming radar. Come on, who’s going to do a Dizzy clone? 80 MS Points

Super Robot World – Gardner Games

You wait all week for one platformer and two come along at once. Super Robot World looks very retro. Blast your way through 9 levels of traps, pits, and bad guys in this single player platformer. 80 MS Points

Orbit Crash – Gentlemen Squid Studio

You are a comet, hurtling through space, what else would you be? Your only desire is to destroy smaller objects to increase your size. Survive long enough and you’ll become an unstoppable mass, like Jonny Vegas. 80 MS Points

Blocks and Tanks – Maximinus

Who remembers Battle Isle? Well, this looks nothing like that, but the concept is the same. You have a tank and you’re tasked with destroying the other blocky tanks in this online shooter. In a bizarre twist of events, your flag contains your avatar, just in case you didn’t know which one you were controlling. 80 MS Points

Adamant Ants 2 – Pixel Junkie Games

This looks like a very competent Lemmings clone, with a little bit of Worms thrown in as well. Use your ant’s talents in climbing, excavating, flying and exploding to rescue the queen and save the colony from the diabolical bird. This is looking very good. 80 MS Points

Lootfest 2 – Gamefarm

So, with Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition turning 1 this year, there has been an explosion of block-inspired games that have appeared and this is one of those spin-offs. Having said, Lootfest 2 actually looks really good, with full 3D, crafting, battles and most importantly, loot. This also features drop-in multiplayer with a huge world to explore. 80 MS Points

That’s it for this week, we’re looking forward to what next week will bring, while remembering the previous week fondly.